Pugs & Provisions is your inspiration & resource for delicious, plant-based, vegetarian, and vegan food & drink.

I review (and re-review my favs) restaurants, bars, cafes, recipes, kitchen gadgets, food products, and experiences from cooking classes, boot camps, and events.

Splitting time between California and Washington, I visit many eateries and drinkeries from here to there and everywhere in between, including my home kitchen and bar.

I travel a lot with my grumble of Pugs, so you will also find many pet-friendly places to visit, stay, eat, and imbibe.

As a super particular and picky person, I try many recipes that I find from Chefs, cookbooks, bloggers, and food websites. The question I always ask myself when I see a great-looking photo of a dish? “It looks beautiful, but does it TASTE good?!” Pugs & Provisions is here to answer that question for you!

You will also find fun, informative Pug content, and stories about “People Who Pug.” I share my grumbles’ favorite toys, food, treats, apparel, and harnesses, as well as events for rescue organizations that I support and miscellaneous Pug tips!